Product after care

Product after care


- We have tried and tested our products to see which type of glue works best with the materials we use. General wear and tear of your item can cause your crystals to loosen. Please do your best to look after them properly.

- We do include some spare crystals just in case you need them. If you have any problems with your product within the first 6 months please contact us via email. We will then offer an inspection and replair service, free of charge as long as the damage was not caused by the customer.

- Please Handle your Crystalised Essex product with care. Your item is very delicate due to the fact its handmade. Any inproper use can cause the crystals to fall off. If you make sure your item is well looked after, we can guarentee it will last you a very long time.  

- Try not to have your item in any heated areas, such as direct sun light, hot lamps, radiators, etc. This can result in the glue softening which can then lead to the crystals become loose and possibly falling off.

- Please do not wear your Crystalised Essex item in certain weather conditions.  Muddy and wet conditions can cause your crystals to lift. 
PLEASE NOTE: it is advisable NOT to wash your crystalised footwear. If you choose to do this, then it will be so at your own risk, and if any crystals do come off once washed in a washing machine then we will not be held responisble.

- Do NOT ever pick at your Swarovski crystals. If you would like to give them a clean, use a baby wipe.

- If your ribbon on your shoes start to fray, cut the frayed ends off with scissors and lightly burn the ends with a lighter.

For further information or advice please dont hesitate to contact us

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